urban intervention#2

urban intervention#2

2017 september

video performance

performers: Dagobert Macib, Robin Valster, Neta Ben Dov


What does it mean to use a material/what is its product/what does it result in?

How does the material shape the action and the behaviour?

Duct tape is a widely used material in the construction industry and it can serve well for many general fixing solutions. I myself use it very often and I have realised that it induces different emotions from contentment to annoyance. So I wanted to explore the possibilities that consider these simple and provocatively engaging qualities of the material – through  sculptural and performative approaches.

Set in an urban environment, the action created a dialogue with various elements of urban design, geometrical forms and the activities on the street.  The performers had to be aware of the characteristics of the material. They had to be synchronised so that the duct tape stayed stretched the whole time and didn’t tangle up. It became a collective act that has to be done together.