untitled#1 (documentation)

2018 january/june

video-installation-performance, ~12min

performers: Meshi Cohen, Norbi Kovacs

materials: iron wire, guitar pick ups on tripods, basguitar effect processor, speaker/amp, live feed from camera to a beamer (props: toilet paper, fire, lime juice/mandarin, hair)



The performance is a real time video production which revolves around the performative elements of making a video, producing the sound and the projected image. The sound is generated by an iron wire, which is stretched in the room and is amplified by disassembled guitar pickups. A camera is pointed and zoomed in on the wire and it is connected to a beamer so a live feed projection is seen on the wall behind the performers. The visuals are a series of interactions with the wire, the sound and a few particular components like hair, lemon juice and fire. The use of the camera becomes an extension of the sensibility of the material and space. There is a constant transition between the projection and performing the manual labor of the making itself.